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Farm Specialist TR-II VF
Tractor application | Radial tire | VF Technology
Farm Specialist TR-II VF

Farm Specialist TR-II VF

Larg Tractor Applications
This VF version of FSTR-II tire can carry 40% more load capacity at the same pressure than the standard tires. Robust and stable in the row-crop cultivation.

Product highlights

  • 40% more load capacity or less inflation pressure for the same load
  • Tread design with optimized lug angle for excellent field traction and on-road performance
  • Large contact area in the center and good space at shoulder for traction Mud breakers promote excellent self-cleaning and improved traction
  • Smooth ride and driving comfort
  • Strong carcass and impact-resistance belts improve puncture resistance and promotes long tire life
  • Round shoulders for superior ground protection


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
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