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Turf Trac RS
Consumer Turf Equipment | Commercial Turf Equipment | Utility Vehicles
Turf Trac RS

Turf Trac RS

Consumer, Commercial Turf Equipment, Golf Carts & Utility Vehicles
Carlisle’s Turf Trac R/S offers all-around performance with a balanced profile and ample tread depth. Applications range from residential zero turn mowers to utility vehicles. The var The variety of sizes available corresponds to the many possible uses.

Product highlights

  • Ample tread depth for extra traction and extended tire life
  • Balanced profile for equal pressure distribution
  • Commonly found on landscaping equipment with minimal compaction such as golf course lawn mowers


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
5E5333111x4.00-5 NHS (100/70-5 IMP)2270101195201.55999110827988YesCN
575319115x6.00-6 NHS (150/70-6 IMP)43661603257202.15999110802152YesCN
6L0265116x6.50-8 NHS (170/60-8 IMP)44061705280201.95999110802169YesCN
575331118x8.50-8 NHS (220/60-8 IMP)44502065375201.55999110802176YesCN
5ED362245/50-10 IMP44972386530201.55999110828022YesUS
6L0831120x10.00-10 IMP (250/50-10)44982416530201,55999110838748YesCN
5E53411250/60-8 IMP45002466545201.55999110828176YesCN
575315120x12.00-10 NHS (305/40-10 )45032577600201.45999110800103YesCN
5753N1122x9.50-10 NHS (240/60-10 IMP)45512417437200.95999110802206YesCN
5E53B71265/70-8 IMP45742679630201.55999110827995YesCN
5E53671260/50-12 IMP45742597600201.45999110828008YesCN
5E5390290/50-12 IMP6587285101030202.25999110828039YesUS
5E53P224x9.50-10 NHS (240/75-10 )46172498650201.55999110800288YesUS
5753A6124x12.00-10 NHS (305/60-10 )461930210775201.45999110834542YesCN
50D3T725x12.00B9 NHS (300/65B9 IMP)46533109825201.45999110802718YesUS
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