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Intermediate | Soft/Loose | Mud


Utility Vehicles, Side-By-Side Vehicles
The A-C-T tire features advanced radial construction to absorb trail hazards and ride disturbances. The radial design increases both traction and ride quality. The A-C-T tire has an aggressive open lug tread pattern with a 19 mm tread depth. Made in the USA.

Product highlights

  • Open lug tread pattern improves self-cleaning and traction in muddy terrain
  • 19 mm tread depth
  • Stiff sidewall for increased puncture resistance
  • Soft to intermediate surfaces/mud


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
57A306AT25x8R12 (205/80R12)3*6352048155800.455999110826356YesUS
57A346AT25x11R12 (280/60R12)3*64826811206800.455999110826462YesUS
57A36626x8.00R12 (205/85R12 MST)46602019170800.75999110800578YesUS
6E080726x9.00R12 (230/80R12 MST)6663240103071101.75999110800615YesUS
56044126x8.00R12 NHS466820181751100.75999110804408NoUS
57A34326x10.00R12 (255/70R12 MST)4668264112361000.75999110800561YesUS
6E082226x8.00R12 (205/85R12 MST)467119782061100.95999110800608YesUS
56044226x10.00R12 NHS4676264122061100.75999110804392NoUS
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