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All Trail II
Hard Pack | Intermediate | Soft/Loose
All Trail II

All Trail II

ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side-By-Side Vehicles
The All Trail II tire lines are specically designed for use on hard surface conditions. The low, wide profile reduces soft wallowing chassis roll commonly experienced with other tires while its uniquely tight tread pattern offers a smooth ride experience. The specially formulated compound delivers durable extended tire life with responsive, predictable and level handling on pavement, concrete and hard-packed soil. Made in the USA.

Product highlights

  • Tightly grooved tread design for stability on hard-packed terrain
  • Low, wide profile for reduced soft wallowing chassis roll
  • Extended-wear tread compound
  • Intermediate to hard surfaces


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
51004320x10.00-8 (250/60-8 MST)45032396325801.55999110804507YesUS
51004520x10.00-10 (255/50-10 MST)45162086315801.55999110804491YesUS
55A3N122x9.50-10 NHS45592448265800.95999110804545NoUS
51004422x10.00-8 NHS45592597375801.55999110804514NoUS
6P005823x11.00-10 (280/60-10 MST)65972779560802.45999110826394YesUS
6EA3P2240/75-10 NHS46072418580401.55999110826189YesUS
6EA3N9290/65-10 NHS463329610580401.45999110826196YesUS
56044325x9.00-12 NHS46402188375801.45999110837598NoUS
5E058725x9.00-12 (220/75-12 MST)66452169500802.25999110800653YesUS
56044425x11.00-12 (280/60-12 MST)464827410475801.55999110826271YesUS
6P033325x11.00-12 NHS664828311615802.45999110827728NoUS
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