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Ground Force 700 MX
Backhoe loaders | Industrial Tractors | Radial tire
Ground Force 700 MX

Ground Force 700 MX

Backhoe loader, industrial tractors
Ground Force 700 is a radial backhoe tire designed for greater load capacity and more comfortable ride versus traditional bias backhoe tires. Increased tread depth, puncture-resistant steel belts, and multiple tread options make this the tire of choice for operators looking to get the most out of their backhoe or utility tractor.

Product highlights

  • Radial construction increases load capacity and ride comfort
  • Steel belts in tread area prevent punctures on some SKUs
  • Two tread options for various soil types


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6X1514316/70R18 (405/70R18)10254026925755045999110833576YesCN
6X1515316/70R20 (405/70R20)10764037532505045999110833583YesCN
6X1502317.5LR24 (460/70R24)125046311143755045999110833590YesCN
6X1511319.5LR24 (500/70R24)131050312450005045999110833606YesCN
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