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Turf Saver II
Consumer Turf Equipment | Commercial Turf Equipment | Utility Vehicles
Turf Saver II

Turf Saver II

Consumer, Commercial Turf Equipment, Golf Carts & Utility Vehicles
The Turf Saver II is a modified version of the Turf Saver. It features a round shoulder profile and is designed for use on residential riding lawn mowers. It is also commonly used for towable lawn carts, spreaders, sprayers and other mower attachments.

Product highlights

  • Rounded shoulder design for easy turning
  • Compatible with a wide range of towable equipment like yard carts, spreaders, and sprayers
  • Open lug design for gentle traction on lawn
  • Commonly found on entry level front engine riders


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
511230115x6.00-6 NHS23621512165150.95999110802053NoCN
511280120x8.00-8 NHS24852254272150.75999110802084NoCN
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