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489 XD
All Terrain | Intermediate | Soft/Loose | Mud | Snow

489 XD

ATV, Utility vehicle, SxS
The 489 XD tire is designed for today’s UTV. With an 8 ply bias construction and v-shape lug, this tire helps maintain a smooth ride in various terrain. The 489 XD is ideal for demanding application.

Product highlights

All terrain
  • Updated 8-ply rated carcass designed for today‚Äôs UTVs
  • V-shape lug design maintains a smooth ride while providing good clean-out characteristics
  • 19 mm tread depth provides improved traction in loose and wet terrain Robust bias construction is perfect for demanding applications
  • Made in the USA


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6P171025x8-12 (205/80-12 MST)863819193151101.45999110836973YesUS
6P171426x11-12 (280/65-12 MST)8649274133251101.45999110837017YesUS
6P171125x11-12 (280/60-12 MST)8656267122361101.45999110836980YesUS
6P171326x9-12 (230/80-12 MST)8665238102801101.45999110837000YesUS
6P171226x8-12 (205/90-12 MST)8666207102571101.45999110836997YesUS
6P171527x9-12 (230/85-12 MST)8692232103001101.45999110837024YesUS
6P171627x11-12 (280/70-12 MST)8696276133451101.45999110837031YesUS
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